Built for pure speed, our Master Carbon wheels are based around Chris King’s R45 hub. These American-made hubs feature precision bearings, feather-weight alloy shells and a unique rear hub with 72 point engagement for instantaneous power delivery.

These hubs are mated, via Sapim CX Ray spokes, to Enve Composites’ Smart Enve system rims, which we’ve come to believe are the currently the fastest rim design available that’s also capable of handling every day riding. And, since the Smart Enve system is available in a variety of depths, in both tubular and clincher versions, it allows us to customize a wheelset for the performance needs of each client.

We’ve been building wheels with King hubs and Enve rims about as long as such a combination has been available. We were among the first to make this combination a practical and viciously fast combination. We’re happy to continue that legacy with this current go-fast incarnation. 

Master Carbon Specifications

Master Carbon Costs
     Tubular Rim :: $2695
     Clincher Rim :: $2895

Master Carbon Includes: 

  • Front and rear wheels, built to order to specifications described above
  • Campagnolo quick release skewers

Does Not Include: 

  • Shipping costs 
  • Tires,  tubes, cassettes and other parts - these may be ordered separately 

Master Carbon Options

Rim Options

  • SES 3.4 Clincher Set 
  • SES 3.4 Tubular Set 
  • SES 6.7 Clincher Set 
  • SES 6.7 Tubular Set

Freehub Options 

  • Campagnolo 11 Speed
  • Shimano / SRAM 10, 11 Speed

Hub Colors

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Pewter
  • Gold
  • Mango
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Navy Blue 
  • Green

Other Options

  • Chris King R45 Disc Brake Hub (+$150 per wheelset) 
  • Ceramic bearing upgrade (+$100 per wheelset)

Please Contact Us to inquire about lead times and to place your custom wheelset order.