A world-class product is nothing without top-level service. We offer a range or repair and servicing for our wheel sets to keep your Luxe Wheels rolling true and smooth. 

Things break. It's the nature of the world, especially when our wheels are typically used hard in all sorts of conditions and road (or not road) types. We offer a spoke / nipple and rim replacement services, which includes complete re-truing and dishing service. 


Spoke and Nipple Replacement 


Labor - $20 per wheel for alloy rims  /  $40 per wheel for carbon rims 

Spokes and Nipples - $2ea for DB14 spokes  /  $4ea for CXRay spokes 

Rim Replacement 


Labor - $120 per rim for alloy rims  /  $250 per rim for carbon rims

Materials - Prices vary. We will price out upon order.